It probably would have been simpler to keep the same blog going from this summer, but I switched to this WordPress one in the spirit of novelty and adventure. It’s so much fancier and more complicated. Hmm. We’ll see how this goes.

This semester is going SO FAST. It’s terrifying! School and work keep me pretty busy. I am still working at the lawbrary (it’s the perfect job and I will probably work here for the rest of my life). (No I won’t.) Let me tell you what classes I’m taking this year:

  • Second Language Acquisition – How, why, and how well people learn new languages
  • Language and Culture – Still not sure what we’re studying in this class; however it seems to be about the relationship between language and worldview. Let’s call it linguistic relativity.
  • Phonology – Patterns of sounds in different languages
  • Intercultural communication – Communication! Between cultures!
  • Interpersonal communication – I guess as opposed to “intrapersonal” communication? Because that would be talking to yourself.

Another thing that keeps me delightfully busy – my lovely roommate Rachel and I live in the international apartments and spend a lot of time with the international students, trying to get to know them and help them when they need help. We have a weekly gathering, where we usually just hang out and eat food and talk, and occasionally teach them games like Apples to Apples and Catch-Phrase (they really hate that one). This week we made a quiche and played the Telephone-Pictionary game. That’s where everyone writes a phrase, passes it to the next person who tries to draw it, and the next person writes whatever they think the picture is (without having seen the original phrase), and this continues until it’s gone all the way around the circle. It is pretty hilarious to play with people who are not native English-speakers. On top of our Thursday night gatherings, we also meet them for lunch, drive them to Walmart, lend them our blender, etc. This afternoon I’m going to a German’s birthday party. It should be wunderbar.

Other highlights of this year so far:

  • I got food stamps! I don’t know if I should brag about that. But I’m pretty happy. The U.S. government buys my Quaker Oatmeal Squares now.
  • Going to the zoo with my boyfriend Cody – I should put up pictures soon. We saw a one-eyed ostrich trying to eat some lady.
  • Cake Day is an official student organization! YES! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this holiday – every first and third Monday of the month, you gather your friends and loved ones around a cake. You light the Cake Day candles, sing the Cake Day song, and then everyone dives in with a fork and demolishes the deliciousness. This year my friends decided to go the extra mile and get it registered as an official student organization, which hopefully means we will get university funding. I am the secretary.
  • I lost my umbrella.
  • For my birthday my family decided to give me seven pairs of earmuffs. “How many ears do you HAVE??” you ask. Well, I only have two. But this summer when I got to cross “float in the Dead Sea” off my ancient bucket list, I mentioned on my blog that that the only other thing I could remember off this list was that I wanted to own a pair of earmuffs for every day of the week. Side note: I made this list when I was about ten. SO my family decided to make that dream a reality. Now I can die in peace. Thanks guys!

I’m at the law library currently, so I should probably get back to work. Haha, “work.” There’s actually nothing for me to do today. But I do have some homework that I want to finish and a new book that I want to start. This was a very long post. Boomer! Sooner!