I stole this picture from Claire. See the insanity!

I stole this picture from Claire. See the insanity!

Gordon and Stephan came to see me this weekend! Mostly they came to see U2, but I was an exciting bonus. We had a grand old time–we had dinner at The Mont, bought an ungodly amount of gummy worms, watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, ate fried chicken and pizza, played frisbee, etc. We also spent a fair amount of time staring at vehicles and trying to figure out which one Bono was in. I didn’t go to the concert, but I could definitely hear it anyway. It was INTENSE, and you could see the flashing spotlights all over town (you could even call it the city of blinding lights, har har har). I enjoyed the madness, and wandered around campus for a while. Everyone and their dog was at that concert.

This just in, via text: Gordon claims that the concert was awesome and they had a great time, and that it was worth the three and a half hours of sleep he got. Over.

It was so good to see you, dear brother! Come again! I had more fun than anyone should be allowed to have.

This morning, the power was out on campus south of Lindsey (which is where I live and also where I work). I blame Bono. It was surprisingly hard to find, pour, and eat cereal in the dark. At work we sat in the dark for an hour and a half. Occasionally the electricity elves would turn all the lights on, then immediately shut them off! Just to toy with our emotions. You’ll be happy to know that not only are the lights back on, but also my boss has an emergency plan in case of the zombie apocalypse.

No class today! I have a take-home final to finish up though. Also: merry CAKE DAY! Plan your festivities!