At the end of last year, my lovely fat eggplant-colored phone leapt into the sink in a tragicomic accident. Since then, I have been using a pay-as-you-go phone that I inherited from Laura, a French student who was leaving the country. It generally does the trick, and one time I converted it into a 2-in-1 harmonica phone. That is beside the point. The point is that T9 knows words that it shouldn’t know. Why not, you ask? Because: they are not real words. I made a list of them so I can ask Laura if they’re words she liked to use in texts: akiko, aliened, yourd, swaned, ravindran, xiao, etc. Some of them sound vaguely English. Some don’t. Some are definitely English, but archaic, and have no place in the high-tech world of Motorola. Who has ever used the words doth, shodden, trod, or treacheries in a text? (Actually the treacheries one is probably my fault.) I don’t think any of these words are French.

I should ask Laura and perhaps update you later. Maybe I just have a creative phone.

Other cute things T9 does:

  • Whenever I type the word hurry, it always thinks I mean to say guppy. (I usually don’t.)
  • It taught me the word obstreperous, which means unruly, and is one of my new favorite words.
  • It has an adorable sneeze (just kidding).