I had such a wonderful weekend! I got to go HOME and see the family. Here are a few of the many glorious things I did:
  • Ate Mom’s scrumptious ginger pork, chicken-fried steak, creamed corn, and molasses bars. Wow, when I write it out, it looks like I spent the weekend at the Cracker Barrel. Well, I didn’t.
  • Renewed my drivers license. Three cheers for driving legally!
  • Cleaned out the Honda. Then cleaned off the Honda.
  • Played sneak-attack with the dog
  • Went out to lunch with Dad at a wonderful Thai restaurant. My pad thai was overwhelmingly spicy! My eyes were watering, so I asked the server for a glass of milk. She said they didn’t have any, and silently judged me for my wimpiness.
  • Dad took me to spend some quality time at Eighth Day Books, which is one of the best places in the world.
  • Mom took me shopping at Old Navy because she had a coupon for 30% off anything and everything and because she is amazing. I got several new shirts. Now when you see me, you will no longer say, “Caroline, you look like you fell out of the Goodwill tree and hit every branch on the way down.” I don’t know what you’ll say instead; you’ll probably comment on how classy I look, or how I only hit most of the branches.
  • I took Anne some lunch at school. We split a Dairy Queen chicken strip basket and talked about Louis Armstrong.
  • Oh, I also did laundry.
  • Lest you read this list and think I did a lot of stuff, please know that I spent a lot of time watching movies and TV and staring off into space and lovingly petting the cat and ignoring the cloud of papers and projects that is looming ever nearer. It was a blissful weekend.
A fun experience: last night while I was frantically trying to finish homework for my night class, I suddenly started receiving texts from strangers, telling me what superpower they would want (pyrokenesis and the ability to summon butterflies were my favorites). THEN people started telling me what kitchen appliance is their favorite. So I texted some of them back and ended up having several different conversations on a variety of topics (God, fish, Russian novels, X-Men, etc). It brightened my day. Oh, also, it was Cody’s fault.
This morning on the way to class, my friend and I saw a large hawk sitting on a low branch of a tree. I said, “Let’s CATCH it!” and as we were creeping up on it, it suddenly swooped over our heads to a different tree and we saw it was holding a giant rat in its talons. It was so majestic!