It’s nice having everyone in one state, THAT NEVER HAPPENS. In the race to get home on Tuesday, I beat Frances by a hair, and arrived in time to join the trip to pick her up from the airport. We’ve been spending a lot of quality time either eating or watching TV. God bless America! Sigh. What a good break.
My blog got a makeover! How about that. Frances made it look hip. Thank you Frances!
Some of the things I have done:
  • I went to a rollerskating party with my friend Cali. It was terrifying! All of these small children were shooting recklessly about the rink. Once I remembered how to skate, it was better.
  • We had Thanksgiving dinner at our Lentell grandparents’ house, and it was DELICIOUS. The turkey was so buttery and tryptophany.
  • I spent some time with Frances’ friends and we baked a cake using a yellow cake mix and a can of Pepsi. The middle was sunken in and it tasted how you would expect a cake made of such ingredients to taste, but let me share a proverb that I try to always live by: Cake is better than no cake.
  • I went on another free music binge and downloaded quite a bit of world music off Amazon. I’ve got some Hebrew, Arabic, French, Turkish, and Bollywood hits. There is plenty of music in English as well, but that’s boring.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of tug-of-war/rope-a-dope with Greasy. I mean, Gracie. I thought of kidnapping her and taking her back to OU with me, but Mom would probably disown me.
  • Last night we made frozen yogurt (yogurt + sugar + cold) and fried apple cider donuts. Frances did most of it. The only thing I did was cook the apple cider and later bob for donuts in hot oil. They were some pretty delicious donuts; I recommend asking Frances for the recipe.
  • I’m working through the third Harry Potter book in Hebrew. It goes REALLY slowly. And I keep getting hung up on words like “muggles” and “Privet Drive.” I’m getting better at it though, and my record is reading two lines without having to look anything up. Woohoo!
  • We decorated the Christmas tree! It looks magnificent.
  • Oh. Also I have been doing some (a lot of) homework. I have a test on Tuesday, a group debate on Thursday, and also two papers due on Thursday. And a paper due Monday. And then finals! I’m gonna diiiee.
I’m leaving tomorrow morning to go back to reality. Wish me luck!