I found a folder on my computer where I saved some dreams that I typed up back when I could still remember them. Here’s one from March.

I come back from visiting Frances and realize I left my phone charger in her apartment. This makes me pretty sad, but I soon find that the consequences are more dire than I originally imagined. My family is watching the news when I walk by, and it is showing a space shuttle crashing into a city. I gasp and am deeply upset, and my family tells me that that wasn’t actual footage, it’s just what will happen if I don’t charge my phone. I also find this distressing. If it’s so important for me to charge my phone, why can’t the government get me a new charger? Why do I have to wait for Frances to make the 13 hour trip down from Chicago? While we are all hanging out in the rec room, President Obama comes in from the laundry room. Apparently there is a secret tunnel that comes straight from the White House to our basement, and he likes to hang out with us. This does not surprise anyone in my family, including me. I guess it has happened before, and I have a vague memory that last time he brought the first lady. He watches tv with us for a while and is pretty chatty. Later he comes upstairs to continue talking with Mom and me. Mom asks him, if he saw our family in public, would he pretend not to know us? The way he skillfully avoids answering the question implies that he would indeed treat us like crap and he knows it. This is awkward. I ask him if it takes him a long time to get through the tunnel to our house from Washington, since it would probably take at least a day to drive. He answers that it’s about a five hour walk, and I marvel at that fact. Somewhere in the course of our conversation, he brings up Airforce One and mentions that Anthony Plopper and Tim Graf are the skipper and first mate.