Last day of classes! I’m not as sad about that as you might think. As a matter of fact, I am a little bit thrilled.

This week, the week before finals, is known as “Dead Week,” which is a term that no one really understands. The professors aren’t supposed to introduce new material or have large projects due, but they are all lawbreakers. Rachel and I have been trying to explain Dead Week to curious internationals, since some of them think it’s some kind of celebration of death. For me, most of the big stuff is over, and all that’s left before the actual finals is a take-home final and a report on Dutch phonology rules. Oh, and I guess I have to read a book on Apache culture. The end is near!

Rachel and I think we may have a ghost lurking in our apartment. He stole Rachel’s ipod for a few days (she found it last night inside a book), cut a wire on my speakers, and is probably responsible for the suspicious thumping sounds at night that at first I thought belonged to a large trout awkwardly flailing inside the walls. As a sign of peace, we left him a note and a cinnamon roll (neither of which he ate). Our theory is that he’s probably the ghost of a samurai who was studying abroad. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Here’s some sickening cuteness to brighten your day. If you can watch it without smiling, you are probably a grinch.