On Saturday, Rachel and I threw a cookie-decorating extravaganzaaaa! It was magnificent. Rachel spent three hours making her delicious beef stew, I made my famous cookies-from-a-mix, and we had chocolate fondue and a cheese ball and garlic bread. Woohoo! Our friends came from near and far to eat stew and decorate cookies. A lot of the internationals hadn’t ever created such festive cookies before, and they were remarkably good for amateurs. After we ran out of cookies, we decorated Martin’s fingernails. THEN we watched the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which is one of Rachel’s holiday favorites.

The preparations! This is probably unrelated, but lately, all the food I eat directly off this table tastes like flour and butter. Weird.

This is Superman with a Tri-Force, which I guess makes him invincible? I'm not sure how that works.

Anna, our favorite Russian, would decorate cookies and then moments later, claim she "lost" them. We turned the apartment upside-down, but none were ever found.

And when we ran out of fingernails to decorate, we went outside and decorated KRAETTLI! Just kidding.

The downfall of Tiny Tim! He is pretty irked, which you can tell by his face. Before the shark attacked him, that anger came from the fact that Anna "lost" his right leg.

I know of four or five internationals who are staying for next semester, but most are going home after this week. I’M GONNA MISS THEM SO MUCH. I always forget how hard the end of each semester is. Too many good-byes to say! I’m already sad, dadgumit.