Only one final left! I finished my Dutch phonology report and phonology take-home final (which means that class is out of my life forever), and got my Intercultural Communication final out of the way yesterday. Now all that remains is my Language and Culture final, which is tomorrow morning at 8. After that’s over, I can go back to reading something other than Western Apache Language and Culture. Words cannot express my excitement.

Other things I am looking forward to:

Tonight my friends are having a hymn sing at their apartment. YESS!!

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking a few of the internationals to an animal shelter here in Norman where we can play with the dogs and take them on walks.

On Friday morning or afternoon I get to rejoin my family in Kansas! Woohoo! I like them.

Frances comes back on Saturday! It seems like it’s been weeks since I’ve seen her, and I can no longer remember the sound of her voice.

And then next week: WISCONSIN!!! And Christmas!

Rachel and I dearly love this commercial: