It’s so good to be home! Last night we had the entire family together again for a delicious fettuccine alfredo dinner. One thing led to another and somehow we children ended up building a little house out of meat products. It was AWESOME. It was kind of like an inspirational Disney movie because we came together and pooled our talents to overcome our obstacles. Gordon put his construction knowledge to good use to make the house structurally sound, Frances’ artsy Chicago education came in handy for spreading the potted meat around as “snow,” and I used my phonetic transcription skills to fashion a snowman out of hotdogs. And Anne mostly took pictures and avoided touching the meat, which shows some kind of wisdom. Here’s a picture for you, which doesn’t really show the structure’s true majesty, but it gives you an idea.

And no, my head is not actually half the size of Frances' head.

Then I found this. GEEZ, there’s a kit? Ugh. Well, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, it’s something to consider.