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In this Atlas, they changed all the place names to show the literal meaning of the names. I like it! My favorite is “Land of the Spear Folk,” which is somewhere in Ireland. There’s a slightly larger picture at this link, but I guess to see the whole world, you have to buy the Atlas.


My most recent fascination – enneagram personality types. I had never heard of this until the other evening when my friend Deah forced me to take the test. There are nine different types, which you can read about on Wikipedia if you want. I am a type 5, which is called either “the thinker” or “the observer.” This website is so hilariously accurate that I feel like I should print it on brochures as some kind of a “how to co-exist with Caroline” guide. I made my roommate take the test also (she’s a 6) and we were both astounded at the accuracy of that description also.

I’m trying to get everyone I know to take this test so I can understand them (I’m a 5! It’s what I do.) SO if you’re needing something to do, I heartily recommend taking this test (it takes ten or fifteen minutes) and then reading about your type on this site, which has a lot of practical information. Then, you should leave a comment telling me what type you are and if you think that description is accurate. I realize that’s a pretty hefty assignment, but just think of all the self-understanding you could gain!

It’s raining currently, and Oklahoma is becoming encased in ice! I had class this morning, but campus is closed this afternoon and tomorrow. Yesterday, however, the weather was 65 and beautiful and felt like spring. What is going on? Probably the end of the world.

On a different note, let me tell you about my classes.

Morphology: I still can’t explain what this is. I have vague understanding – it’s something about how parts of words work together and influence each other. The lady who teaches it is my favorite professor, so I predict it will be difficult but interesting and entertaining.

Communication in Contemporary Chinese Contexts: We already read a book and turned in a paper for this class, and I think it will continue to be time-consuming. I think I like it so far though. One of my Chinese friends is the teaching assistant, which was a pleasant surprise! She became a Christian over the break, and I’ve been enjoying getting to know her better.

Israeli Culture Through Film: Basically we meet once a week, watch a movie, discuss it, and have a quiz. As of now, I am not fond of the professor, but the movies we watch are somewhat interesting. Well, maybe. Last week we watched a documentary about coffee, and this week we watched I Love You Rosa, which is kind of like Harold and Maude in Jerusalem’s Old Yishuv.

Communication in Nonwestern Cultures: I love this class and think it is terribly interesting, but that could probably change at any moment. The professor seems a little shifty.

Senior Essay: AAGGHH! This class will be the death of me. The professor was really good about putting it in perspective for us – this is not a masters or doctorate thesis or anything, it’s just our dinky widdle undergrad capstone. So that’s a relief, right? But the fact remains that it is a semester-long project that will probably end up being 50 pages or so. For me, that is the most stressful thing I can possibly imagine – I hate having projects looming over my head. Sigh. Any prayers you can spare are greatly appreciated.

Spoken Chinese – This one is just two hours a week, for half a semester. We’ve only had two classes so far, and I love it, EXCEPT for characters. UGH. I thought this was spoken Chinese. I’m going to have a talk with the professor and ask him to not teach us the writing system. Anyway, you may be happy to know that I can now say “hello,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” “sorry,” “oh, that’s ok,” and “goodbye.” What more can there be to learn??

And there you have my classes. Whenever I tell people what wonderful classes I’m taking, I always assume that they will be jealous, which probably means that I picked the right major. On the other hand, all of these splendid classes could very well be my downfall.

I’m off to enjoy my Ice Day. I hope you enjoy your day too, whether or not there is treacherous precipitation!

Good news! I am back in my Oklahome. Break was AWESOME. I read a lot, played a lot with the dog, befuddled the cat, watched some assorted nonsense on TV, saw Avatar in 3-D, ate a lot of delicious food, sewed an apron, etc. etc. Now that I’m back, I feel like I am already back in the swing of things, even though things don’t quite have a swing yet.

I’ve already met a few new internationals and instigated a Walmart expedition. Tomorrow there is some kind of Bingo party for the internationals, and I hope to get to go to part of it. I will meet a lot more foreign kids and also dominate at Bingo.

Today was the first day of classes. I had Communication in Contemporary Chinese Contexts, Israeli Culture Through Film, and Morphology. “What on earth is morphology?!” you ask, and you are probably thinking it sounds like a class Harry Potter would take. It’s something linguisticky, and I am hoping to find out exactly what soon. When my professor was “defining” it for us this morning, she said that morphology “is really crunchy and very baroque.” If that somehow provides you with any clarity, PLEASE pass it on to me. Anyway, I think I’m gonna like it a lot.

The weather is odd and awesome. It’s so warm! I’ve been wearing short-sleeved shirts and leaving my sweater at home.

I was going to lend an old textbook to a friend, but it has vanished! (The book, not the friend.) Our apartment is small enough that it is physically impossible to lose something, so I have no idea what happened. This deeply perplexes me. I blame our samurai ghost.

For anyone who knows Milena and is interested in finding out what became of her over the break: she spent New Years in Minnesota with her host family and their pet monkey, spent a few days in Chicago working through a list of landmarks that Frances gave her, and then went to New York City (on a whim, apparently) to meet a friend. I saw pictures, it looks like she had a lot of fun.

I made sweet potato fries and they were delicious! I don’t even like sweet potatoes!

Back to work at the lol library. I like it there. We have another staff cookout planned for this weekend.

I have a good feeling about this semester. I had my doubts at first, and I am still thinking it will be a lot of work. However: Jesus and I will do fine (he’s got my back, says he).

My current obsession: goji raspberry V8 fusion. It’s tasty and good for me!

Nothing new and exciting is currently going on my life (which is awesome) so here is some reading material for you if you’re interested. It’s another dream I found typed up on my computer, from May of my freshman year. It’s pretty long (believe it or not, I edited it), so I divided it up into chapters.

Chapter I – In which I watch an episode of The Office and the characters deal with eerie household pests

I was watching The Office, and the episode didn’t take place in an actual office. It took place in a big house that Pam and two of the other ladies lived in together. They got up one morning and Pam saw these cockroaches everywhere, that blended in with their surroundings so well you could hardly see them. By the time the exterminater got there, the cockroaches were gone, and nobody really believed Pam that they had been there. Then one of the other ladies looked out the window and saw a rat with a braided tail run across the yard to a group of people dressed in hunting outfits. I had the feeling that maybe the rat had eaten the cockroaches. Somebody said that maybe everyone would have believed Pam if we had known what was about to happen. I wondered what was about to happen; it sounded very ominous.

Chapter II – In which a doppelganger family comes to take my grandma after crucial pieces of her bedroom are sold online

It was nighttime, and I saw my grandma (she looked like the grandma in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) going up to her room. I followed her. When we got to her room, the ceiling and the floor were gone, and you could see the stars. My grandma was mad that my mom had sold such crucial elements of her room on Ebay. She climbed out the window, which scared me, so I went after her. When she got to the bottom, we were in a courtyard. A little black boy wearing a plaid shirt suddenly ran across the courtyard, chased by a big dog, and he climbed up the way we had just come down, and disappeared into my grandma’s room. The instant he went in the window, an identical boy came running out of another door, chased by an identical dog. They both ran out of the courtyard. Then a line of people started coming in. It was a big family, which looked identical to mine. They were all carrying towels and clothes on hangers. The rest of my family came out into the courtyard, and our two families talked for a while, and my family was very surprised that this other identical family existed. The only difference was that they didn’t have a grandma and wanted ours. Everyone in the other family was holding a TV which started playing their favorite movie. Two members of the other family had Sleeping Beauty playing, and I told them that was my favorite movie too. I thought this had something to do with the disappearing cockroaches and the rat. I was the only one in my family who didn’t want to give away our grandma, but the other family was so sad, and I realized that my grandma wanted to go with them because her room with us didn’t have a floor or a roof. So I finally agreed to let her go with them.

Chapter III – A dweam wiffin a dweam

I dreamed in cartoon about two fish and a mass of bubbles. I was one of the fish, and I shot out my tongue and caught a fly. Then the mass of bubbles ate both of the fish. I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Chapter IV – In which I order a sub sandwich

The next morning I was talking with Mom about how wierd The Office had been, and she said that she had sold the floor and ceiling to our grandma’s room on Ebay because she was never home. I was trying to arrange my clothes and towels on a single hanger so it would look like how the people in the other family had their clothes. Then I went to a restaurant to meet Katie Baker and her friends for lunch, but nobody would let me look at a menu. After they ordered their food, I got up from the table and walked around. My brother was there, and he and I told a friend how weird it had been to meet another family that looked just like us. I went up to the counter to order, and since I didn’t know what was on the menu, the lady behind the counter recommended the sub sandwich because it came with a camcorder. I ordered that. While I was standing at the counter waiting for my food, I looked at the other people near the counter. There was a group of four blonde girls who I could tell weren’t related, but they were all extremely short. The tallest was under 3 feet. One of them was sitting or standing in a basket that went up to her neck. There was a girl crouching on the counter who had a little tail, and really short, fine white fur. A lady behind us yelled at everyone not to stare at the girl with the tail. I went back to Katie’s table and told them what I had ordered.

What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

I like this. I got it from here.

Wow! I haven’t written since the last decade! It’s been a while. Here are some things you may or may not be interested in knowing.

My friend Star Little got me a “goats in trees” calendar for Christmas! Whatever you imagine this looks like is probably accurate. (Basically this.)

I went over to the Les’ house for their annual gingerbread house competition. This contest is a BIG DEAL. There is a mad rush on the candy table, then the teams scatter all over the house and construct elaborate edible structures. Here is the website where you can vote, but hurry! I think voting ends today, if it hasn’t already. And I’m not allowed to tell you which house my team made.

My friend Milena (from Brittany, France) came up from Oklahoma to spend Christmas with us. It was so much fun to have her with us and she adapted well to our occasional bouts of madness.

Milena admiring the Pioneer Woman cookbook I got. It's a pretty wonderful book, as you can tell by her expression.

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Grandparents Lentell, which included some really delicious chili (and oyster chowder which I assume was also delicious). After dinner was church, and after church was family gift-swapping among the nuclear family plus Milena. I got too many wonderful things to list, but the one you need to know about is my pretty blue camera, which will hopefully result in an increased number of pictures on this here blog.

Early early Christmas morning, we set out on our journey to Wisconsin. It was a tight fit in the minivan–seven people and a dog and luggage! Plus I had a cold, so that kind of seemed like an extra passenger, to me at least. Gordon managed to get a head wound after slipping on some treacherous ice at a gas station. (I think that might be the worst injury a MacLeod has ever acquired on a road trip, but I would need to check with my parents to be sure.) Fortunately he did not get a concussion. At one point he was wearing an eye patch, which may have just been for giggles. Who knows why we do anything. (“Now you listen, young lady! Even if we’re HORRIBLY MANGLED, there’ll be no sad faces on Christmas!” Name that movie.)

I dearly love this picture. Muchas gracias to Cousin Nate for risking life and limb to capture our close brush with death!

Wisconsin was AWESOME. Activities included–naps, eating, (an embarrassing number of) frozen custard runs, walks in the snowy woods, reading and chatting by the fire, teaching Milena some American slang, cooking, stories about ancestors deep in the foggy past, and night-time sledding. It was a very relaxing break from reality.

Since getting back, I’ve mostly been doing nothing. I’m reading a lot, which is nice. Yesterday I went shopping and found good deals at Old Navy and Helzberg (free pearl earrings! woohooo!). Last night Frances and I went over to a New Year’s Eve party with some church friends, which involved mint Oreos, telephone pictionary, and the three-rounds game, all of which I am very fond. I left early so I could ring in the new decade with Mom, Dad, and the dog. And we did a good job, because it’s here! Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully this will be the year that they invent flying cars.