Wow! I haven’t written since the last decade! It’s been a while. Here are some things you may or may not be interested in knowing.

My friend Star Little got me a “goats in trees” calendar for Christmas! Whatever you imagine this looks like is probably accurate. (Basically this.)

I went over to the Les’ house for their annual gingerbread house competition. This contest is a BIG DEAL. There is a mad rush on the candy table, then the teams scatter all over the house and construct elaborate edible structures. Here is the website where you can vote, but hurry! I think voting ends today, if it hasn’t already. And I’m not allowed to tell you which house my team made.

My friend Milena (from Brittany, France) came up from Oklahoma to spend Christmas with us. It was so much fun to have her with us and she adapted well to our occasional bouts of madness.

Milena admiring the Pioneer Woman cookbook I got. It's a pretty wonderful book, as you can tell by her expression.

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Grandparents Lentell, which included some really delicious chili (and oyster chowder which I assume was also delicious). After dinner was church, and after church was family gift-swapping among the nuclear family plus Milena. I got too many wonderful things to list, but the one you need to know about is my pretty blue camera, which will hopefully result in an increased number of pictures on this here blog.

Early early Christmas morning, we set out on our journey to Wisconsin. It was a tight fit in the minivan–seven people and a dog and luggage! Plus I had a cold, so that kind of seemed like an extra passenger, to me at least. Gordon managed to get a head wound after slipping on some treacherous ice at a gas station. (I think that might be the worst injury a MacLeod has ever acquired on a road trip, but I would need to check with my parents to be sure.) Fortunately he did not get a concussion. At one point he was wearing an eye patch, which may have just been for giggles. Who knows why we do anything. (“Now you listen, young lady! Even if we’re HORRIBLY MANGLED, there’ll be no sad faces on Christmas!” Name that movie.)

I dearly love this picture. Muchas gracias to Cousin Nate for risking life and limb to capture our close brush with death!

Wisconsin was AWESOME. Activities included–naps, eating, (an embarrassing number of) frozen custard runs, walks in the snowy woods, reading and chatting by the fire, teaching Milena some American slang, cooking, stories about ancestors deep in the foggy past, and night-time sledding. It was a very relaxing break from reality.

Since getting back, I’ve mostly been doing nothing. I’m reading a lot, which is nice. Yesterday I went shopping and found good deals at Old Navy and Helzberg (free pearl earrings! woohooo!). Last night Frances and I went over to a New Year’s Eve party with some church friends, which involved mint Oreos, telephone pictionary, and the three-rounds game, all of which I am very fond. I left early so I could ring in the new decade with Mom, Dad, and the dog. And we did a good job, because it’s here! Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully this will be the year that they invent flying cars.