It’s raining currently, and Oklahoma is becoming encased in ice! I had class this morning, but campus is closed this afternoon and tomorrow. Yesterday, however, the weather was 65 and beautiful and felt like spring. What is going on? Probably the end of the world.

On a different note, let me tell you about my classes.

Morphology: I still can’t explain what this is. I have vague understanding – it’s something about how parts of words work together and influence each other. The lady who teaches it is my favorite professor, so I predict it will be difficult but interesting and entertaining.

Communication in Contemporary Chinese Contexts: We already read a book and turned in a paper for this class, and I think it will continue to be time-consuming. I think I like it so far though. One of my Chinese friends is the teaching assistant, which was a pleasant surprise! She became a Christian over the break, and I’ve been enjoying getting to know her better.

Israeli Culture Through Film: Basically we meet once a week, watch a movie, discuss it, and have a quiz. As of now, I am not fond of the professor, but the movies we watch are somewhat interesting. Well, maybe. Last week we watched a documentary about coffee, and this week we watched I Love You Rosa, which is kind of like Harold and Maude in Jerusalem’s Old Yishuv.

Communication in Nonwestern Cultures: I love this class and think it is terribly interesting, but that could probably change at any moment. The professor seems a little shifty.

Senior Essay: AAGGHH! This class will be the death of me. The professor was really good about putting it in perspective for us – this is not a masters or doctorate thesis or anything, it’s just our dinky widdle undergrad capstone. So that’s a relief, right? But the fact remains that it is a semester-long project that will probably end up being 50 pages or so. For me, that is the most stressful thing I can possibly imagine – I hate having projects looming over my head. Sigh. Any prayers you can spare are greatly appreciated.

Spoken Chinese – This one is just two hours a week, for half a semester. We’ve only had two classes so far, and I love it, EXCEPT for characters. UGH. I thought this was spoken Chinese. I’m going to have a talk with the professor and ask him to not teach us the writing system. Anyway, you may be happy to know that I can now say “hello,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” “sorry,” “oh, that’s ok,” and “goodbye.” What more can there be to learn??

And there you have my classes. Whenever I tell people what wonderful classes I’m taking, I always assume that they will be jealous, which probably means that I picked the right major. On the other hand, all of these splendid classes could very well be my downfall.

I’m off to enjoy my Ice Day. I hope you enjoy your day too, whether or not there is treacherous precipitation!