My most recent fascination – enneagram personality types. I had never heard of this until the other evening when my friend Deah forced me to take the test. There are nine different types, which you can read about on Wikipedia if you want. I am a type 5, which is called either “the thinker” or “the observer.” This website is so hilariously accurate that I feel like I should print it on brochures as some kind of a “how to co-exist with Caroline” guide. I made my roommate take the test also (she’s a 6) and we were both astounded at the accuracy of that description also.

I’m trying to get everyone I know to take this test so I can understand them (I’m a 5! It’s what I do.) SO if you’re needing something to do, I heartily recommend taking this test (it takes ten or fifteen minutes) and then reading about your type on this site, which has a lot of practical information. Then, you should leave a comment telling me what type you are and if you think that description is accurate. I realize that’s a pretty hefty assignment, but just think of all the self-understanding you could gain!