In Chinese class on Monday, I learned that Coca-Cola’s name in Chinese (“kekou kele”) translates as “delicious and happy.” That is some good marketing. I think Pepsi didn’t have such good cross-cultural luck though. Last year my Taiwanese professor told us that the motto “Come Alive! You’re the Pepsi Generation” got translated into something like “Your Ancestors Will Return and Dance With You.”

There are wild kangaroos in America?? My socks have been blown off! No more socks. (I actually am out of socks and need to do laundry, but that’s irrelevant.) There have been occasional sightings around the country, including some in Waukesha County! You Wisconsin people should keep your eyes open. And if possible, catch one.

Last night in my Israeli film class, we watched Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer, which was the first ever Israeli-produced movie. It’s about Israel’s War of Independence, and it’s my favorite movie we’ve watched so far in that class. If that period of history interests you at all, I heartily recommend it.

Speaking of tragic historical dramas and doomed romances, I saw Titanic the other night, which I had not seen before. (Gasp! I know. What kind of existence did I lead before seeing this movie?) It was epic and over-the-top and left me emotionally exhausted. But I’m not sure I understand the hype. Why do people love it so much? That is a sincere question, so if you know, do share.

Aaaand as we all know, there’s a big holiday coming up! Sunday! Chinese New Year! So put on some auspicious red clothes and eat some fish. Congratulations and be prosperous!