Happy Thursday! I know I just wrote a thing about how much I love Sundays, but Thursdays are pretty great too. Some reasons why: my week is winding down, I have a large bag of lentils in my fridge, and tonight is Kraettli the Greatly. I’m making brownies.

Yesterday was Gordon’s birthday! He’s 23 now, can you believe that? Here’s a fun fact: He used to be the youngest baby in the world.  (It runs in the family.) I have many fond memories of my dear brother, but here’s one that popped into my head yesterday. Gordon, remember that time you had them play “Walk Down This Mountain” at True Life because you knew I liked it? You’re a great big brother, and you managed to retain your sanity even with three little sisters.  I hope your birthday was lovely! Good grief, you are so old.

I saw a German shepherd puppy yesterday and it made my day.

The library and I have been good friends lately. I’m in research mode for my senior essay, so I’ve been going on grand book hunts looking for particular language philosophy books (which I then have to read = significantly less fun). I’m always impressed at our library; they can get a hold of any book you can think of, even the obscure ones written by crackpot linguists with snarky anti-establishment undertones.

I am hoping that if I talk enough about how great OU is, it will encourage Anne to come here. Anne, come! Think of all the literary resources that would be available to you!

Time to get back to reading all about Socrates and the naming of things.

I like its shoes.