Last week’s Kraettli the Greatly gathering included an abnormally high number of South Koreans (there were two), which made it especially fun to watch Kim Yu-Na win gold in the women’s figure skating. She is a big celebrity in Korea, and our Koreans were talking about her like they know her. Koreans are adorable! I shouldn’t stereotype but I can’t help myself.

At work on Saturday, a law student caught me balancing a bowl of soup on my head. It was awkward.

I found an excellent corner of the library for studying (aka writing this blog post). It is in a noisy spot but has an excellent view of the orangutan pit.

Cookies! They can be baked in a waffle iron. It’s messier but takes less time, so if you need a cookie STAT, it’s a great solution.

When I say that "we" cooked lunch, I mostly mean that Lydia cooked lunch.

My friend Lydia went to church with me yesterday, and then we cooked lunch. We had a wonderful talk, and she told me her life story. She lived in Rwanda until the genocidestarted, then lived in refugee camps in various African  countries for the next five years. She has lived in France since she was twelve, and now goes to the same university in Rennes that Milena goes to. All seven members of her family survived, which is amazing. She is very driven and compassionate, and I have  a theory that she’s going to change the world.

"We make a great party-planning team, Elmo!"

In the spirit of Posting More Pictures, here’s my friend Deah giving an Elmo piñata a high five. We met Elmo at Walmart yesterday, and when we told him that tomorrow is my roommate’s birthday, he wanted to come to the party. Little does he know, he will get the spit whacked out of him at said party. Should be fun though, right?

My mom spent the weekend in Chicago with Frances. I am hoping that Frances tells us soon about how much fun it was, and perhaps posts some pictures. You have my permission to bother her about it.

I am meeting another foreign friend for lunch in an hour, so I suppose I should try and get some homework done first. Have a lovely Cake Day!