Wow, it’s been a while! Sorry about that. Also I probably forgot how to blog. I hope I can do this.

Last week was Spring Break, which was quite refreshing! I got to go home to Kansas. I crossed paths with Gordon and Anne before and after their trip to Guatemala (which sounds like it was an AMAZING experience for both of them) and glimpsed Frances, whose break started when mine ended. I spent the week hanging out with Gracie and Fritze (who is still traumatized from the hamburger bun incident), saw some good buddies, did some laundry, got a new phone (it’s smarter than I am! aaaggghh!), went out to dinner with The Grandparents Lentell, and enjoyed my family’s Netflix account. OH. AND I worked on my senior capstone paper aaaalll week. I made some progress, I suppose, but I can’t help but still feel very overwhelmed by how much is left to do.

Mom and I watched House of Flying Daggers, which was AWESOME. It doesn’t have a riveting plot, but there were some martial arts scenes (and yes, lots of flying daggers) that completely blew my mind. In a good way. The costumes and scenery are absolutely beautiful, and the whole movie is mesmerizing. I realize this description doesn’t exactly sell it, but trust me. It is wonderful. After we watched it, I found myself flinging things around like they were daggers and expecting a high degree of accuracy. And Mom was playing with Gracie’s rope toy like it was nunchucks.

Last night a war almost broke out in my car! I took a Chinese girl and a Taiwanese boy to Walmart, and within two minutes, the topic of politics came up. (Not my fault!) Instantly we had hurt feelings, yelling, sarcasm, resentment, etc. I spent the rest of the time at the store trying to smooth things over and trying to convince the Taiwanese fellow he should apologize to the girl, not for his political beliefs but for his judgmental tone. Oh, and comparing the calorie counts on all the protein shake mixes because he’s trying to bulk up. It was crazy! I’ve never been in a situation that tense before. I think all is well though. International incident averted. For now.

Yesterday a term paper in one of my classes was cancelled, and today a mini-paper in a different class was cancelled. I wonder what will be cancelled tomorrow.

Frances is coming to visit me on Thursday! I am thrilled. I’ve been gleefully polishing all the silverware in anticipation of her arrival.

Last night I banged my funny bone on my car door and it still hurts. Not funny.