Frances came to visit me last week, which was delightful! I didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me. She got here early Thursday afternoon, and we ate Chick-fil-A with my friend Deah and then went on a grand tour of OU’s campus. Then we drove into Norman to paint the town red, and split a kombucha. (It was terrible. ) After meeting my roommate Rachel for some scrumptious pad thai, we headed back to Kraettli and hung out with the internationals. Most of my friends are either foreign or nerdy (or both), and it was fun to watch Frances interact with them. She must have explained her major at least 900 times, and we all had an intriguing conversation about the merits and drawbacks of Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Callibri, and various other fonts. I think she was a hit. On Friday morning, she accompanied me to Nonwestern Comm, and afterwards we found out there was free ice cream by the library, so we went over and got some. Twice. Next we went to the medieval fair across the street from my apartment and watched the acrobats, camels, and various maniacs. There were some interesting booths; our favorite was the “Instant Portrait of Thyself with a Monkey” booth. Then we ate lunch and she left and I cried into my pillow.

Other than that, life continues as usual. I’m chipping away at various papers, which sucks away most of my free time. And that’s all I have to say about that. The weather has been getting more and more beauteous, and most of the trees seem to have acquired leaves since I left for class this morning. I’m toying with the idea of going for a run this evening. Later, you should ask me if I went, and when I say no, make me feel really bad about myself!

Last week I finished reading Les Misérables, which I had been working on since September I think. Such a magnificent book! I posit that it is the best novel ever written! I read it once before in eighth grade, but it was even better this time. I’ll stop talking about it now, but if anyone out there ever wants to have a conversation about this book, you know where to find me.

We had a birthday party for my friend Lydia on Saturday. I think it was a success, because she is now a year older! We had a blast, but it suddenly hit me that all these foreign friends of mine are leaving when school ends in six weeks. Six weeks! Aaaghhh! That’s too soon. I want them to stay here forever.

I re-repotted a plant today,  which was more fun than I expected. Mmm dirt! There have been many desperate attempts to save this plant in the last few weeks, and yet it keeps looking deader and deader. It’s a schefflera, and I found out today that another name for schefflera is “dwarf umbrella,” which creates a much more interesting mental image.

Speaking of questionable past-tense forms of words, can anyone think of a word to describe the past tense of covering something once again with tar? My first instinct would be to say “re-tarred,” but say that out loud and you will understand why it’s probably incorrect. I used that word at dinner the other day and completely embarrassed myself.

Sigh. So much homework! Today my senior essay professor told us, “You must work. Tote that barge, lift that bale.” I’m not sure if she was trying to inspire us or get “Old Man River” stuck in our heads. But anyway, I must indeed work.