Last night at Kraettli the Greatly, Lin was telling us the conspiracy theories he believes.  This, of course, is one of my favorite conversation topics, so I did my best to egg him on. He explained to us how the moon landings were faked, then launched into his favorite EVER, which was something about the U.S. planning the attacks in Pearl Harbor. Rachel took great offense to this, and they debated for about ten minutes. We decided to resolve the discussion the old-fashioned way – arm wrestling. Unfortunately, Rachel lost, so apparently Lin is right and the U.S. government did have advance knowledge of the attacks. Dispute = SETTLED.

I hope next week’s smack-down can be over whether Wikipedia is run by the Illuminati! I haven’t picked what side I’ll be on yet.

This weekend looks promising. I hope to take a chunk out of my paper(s) this afternoon and tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we’re having a Princess Bride viewing party for the internationals, since none of them have seen it. On Sunday my friend Deah and I are going to try a restaurant in the Lowes parking lot that we always thought was a shed, then we will make “Free High Fives” t-shirts.

I’ve been in an e.e. cummings mood lately, which is where the title of this post comes from. I checked out a book of his poetry from the library today because it’s such a wonderful thing to read in the springtime. Don’t worry, I still respect punctuation.