On Friday, my church group, RUF, is starting a campus-wide game of Humans vs. Zombies. If you are unaware of how this game works, please let me tell you: Players are divided into humans and zombies, and zombies “eat” humans by tagging them. The humans can stun the zombies by throwing socks at them, and zombies starve to death if they haven’t eaten a human in 48 hours. For the sake of the rest of the planet, we can only hope that the humans win! This game may cause campus to become a little chaotic (although academic buildings, dorm rooms, and bathrooms are off-limits, thank goodness), and people are getting REALLY into it. There are about 500 people signed up so far, and people are strategizing as if the fate of the human race depends on it. One girl asked if tops of buildings are off-limits. I admire her spunk. I’m not signed up yet, because, frankly, I am a little terrified. But I intend to, I think.

In other news, I ask myself everyday why I haven’t run away to join the circus yet. I turned in the rough draft of my senior essay (38 pages! woohoo) on Monday, so that is out of my hands (literally) for another week. I started on my Uighur paper, and have two presentations to do next week and a morphology paper the week after that.

Apparently we are having a Korean cookout this weekend. If you are perplexed about what that might involve, know that I am too.

I got to go home last weekend, which was SO GOOD. I love my family! It was so relaxing, except for the part on Saturday morning when people kept coming into my room to wake me up by putting the dog on top of me. And Anne said something to me about how she “shouldn’t have stolen that tar,” which I realized was weird after she left. Don’t say things like that to me when I’m not awake, Anne.