Finals: check.

Getting three free meals at the cafeteria from kind people with extra meal points: check.

Capstone paper: check.

I turned in my onomatopoeia paper yesterday (38 pages! Yes!) and one of the linguistics professors tried to convince me that onomatopoeia doesn’t exist. Who does that.

Painful goodbyes: started, but mostly still looming ahead.

I went over to the apartment of some foreign friends, Milena (French) and Gyeong-ae (Korean), to say goodbye and see if they needed help with packing or cleaning. They gave me several of their half-used food items, tastefully arranged in a decorative Easter basket. The census taker came by while I was there. Hilarity ensued. We were frantically searching facebook for the full names and birthdates of their former South American roommates, who have about six middle names each, and Milena kept lapsing into French for no good reason, which confused the poor census fellow. Then he asked for her race, and Milena looked over her list of options and declared herself to be Cuban. He didn’t get it. Gyeong-ae was delighted that the American government came to talk to them personally and kept telling me how much fun she was having.

I don’t want these people to leave.