Last weekend I got to go up to Kansas for Anne’s graduation! She’s officially the last MacLeod to successfully make it through AHS (unless we can get Fritze or Gracie enrolled, and I would definitely question the wisdom of that move). Nate and Jenn Appleton and Grandma MacLeod came down from Wisconsin for the joyous occasion, and it was SO GOOD to get to spend time with them. It was a busy weekend, full of quality family time, good food, dogs biting each other’s heads, Witchitä sight-seeing, and deck-sitting.

God has been taking really good care of me lately, especially on the summer-job front. Last week I got a job at the International Student Services office on campus, which is AWESOME because I’m hoping to someday have a  career working with international students. So this should be pretty good experience. Since I’m a student assistant, my job will include answering phones, filing, greeting people, and other super-important stuff like that. The timing and hours are pretty much perfect, and the people who work there seem nice. I’m starting in two weeks, so I’ll update you then.

Meanwhile, people keep leaving. Milena is leaving tomorrow morning! Nooo. Another friend, Geraldine (from Mauritius), is heading to Germany soon to get married. Since she’s always wanted to go camping, Rachel is taking her this weekend. Geraldine has expressed a hope that there won’t be any “any bugs, insects, grass, dirt, mud, or water.” Ha! She’s in for a treat.

In two weeks, my dear dear friend Deah is leaving for Wales to be a “House Mum” in a charity that takes care of young pregnant women. I’m going to miss her A LOT – she has been one of my closest friends here since we met freshman year in the dorms. She is a huge encouragement to my faith – she’s like my Yoda. Or my Ruth, if you want a more biblical analogy. The ministry she’s getting involved in sounds like a pretty good one. Here’s the website for that, and here’s Deah’s blog, where you can read her support letter and donate something to help her out if you feel so called.

In other news, those little black dots inside bananas are tarantula eggs.