Today I found out I have been using staple removers wrong for my whole life.

I’m enjoying my new job at the International Student Services office. Sometimes I can even answer a few questions without asking a supervisor or crawling under a bench in terror. The students’ names fascinate me. So far my favorite is Sock-Pin, which is someone’s first name. I’m not sure where it’s from, maybe Thailand? Thanks to that syllable-final non-nasal consonant, I think we can all agree that it ain’t Chinese.

Someone told me last week that the Chinese name their children by throwing forks in the bathtub.

Current music obsession: The Avett Brothers.

It is So Stinkin’ Hot. I am counting it as one of my many blessings though – since my clothes get steamed when I walk to work, I don’t need an iron.

The bark is falling off all the sycamore trees. Is this ok??? The bark is crunchy and fun to step on, but NATURE IS FALLING APART.