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  • A hammock – I ordered a knock-off version of this hammock (from here) and it came in the mail the other day! I was on my way to the pool at the time, and ended up ditching that plan in favor of quality hammock time. It is AWESOME. I want to live in it. I have been taking it everywhere I go (it’s quite light). Happy sigh.
  • A piano – One of my friends is going out of town for a few weeks and I offered to babysit his piano. Yesterday he and his piano appeared on my doorstep, which is hilarious because I live on the second floor. It was an unexpected sight. How perfectly pleasant to possess a piano!
  • The answer to the question, “When were skittles invented?” The book I’m reading, which was written in the 1890s, keeps declaring that life is “skittles and beer.” This seemed anachronistic to me, so I asked Wikipedia and discovered that the candy was invented in 1974, but it is also a sport, which dates back to 3300 BC in Ancient Egypt. Whoa. (It’s basically bowling.)
  • A lot of international students. Their visas allow them to enter the country thirty days prior to the start of the semester, so they have begun trickling in. My experience in Israel involved getting yelled at by everyone (including the lady at the check-in office at the university) so I am doing my best to be super nice to these people.
  • A bird that looked like a tiny chicken came up to me as I was walking to work today. It had some red feathers on its head that looked like a comb. (And it was not a cardinal.) It wanted to be friends. Speaking of chickens, … never mind.
  • Jury duty summons. Ugh.
  • New contacts – thanks, Mom!

It kind of reminds me of Oscar (remember him?), but larger, rounder, and less resentful. And also it’s a different animal.

My life has been so musical lately! It’s refreshing. I found some pianos at the dorms that I’ve been playing, and when I was there on Sunday, a fellow I don’t know came over and gave me some pointers. For about an hour. Yesterday, my friend Maggie, who is a Music Composition major, took me to play the organ in Catlett Hall, which was great! Swell! Positive! (Haha! Organ pun.) I haven’t played an organ in a while, and I miss it a lot. Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence. Also, Maggie and I agree that the OU organ department needs a falcon. Maybe someday this dream can become a reality. In other musical news, my project for this evening is to learn a song on the banjo.

Summer is nice. I’m enjoying the slow pace – mostly I’m reading extensively and making frequent runs to various libraries, going on walks with friends, cooking and eating with friends, watching movies with friends, painting fences, eating cherries, looking for buried treasure, etc. On Sunday night some friends invited me to a “game night,” and when I got there, they were all sitting on the sofa in the dark, talking, and someone was playing the banjo. I wish every social gathering could be like that. In short: nothing thrilling is happening and I looove it.

At the ISS office we got a new air freshener that perches atop a cabinet and puffs out fragrance every 36 minutes. She reminds me of the white robot from Wall-E, and we call her Clarisse. I’ve been trying to get everyone in the office to say, “Gesundheit, Clarisse” every time it puffs, but so far I’m the only one who thinks this is funny. (And only gets funnier, every 36 minutes.)

Last night I threw out my little chamomile plant that I got at the Botany Club sale in the spring. It was completely brown and droopy and dead, in every sense of the word. I hummed “Taps” as I solemnly tossed it into the dumpster. With it went all my dreams for it – the tea I could have made, the good times we could have had together.

My schefflera, Charlie, is growing at a 45-degree angle toward the window, like it’s trying to escape. It is mostly alive, but the fact that it looks a little dumb is undeniable. I’m ashamed of it, and I think it senses that. (WHY, Charlie? What happened to us?)

My friend Andrew left three of his plants in my care over the summer, which was unwise. He was fully aware of my plant-slaughter capabilities. One of them, a short, squatty flower, is completely faded and crunchy. I haven’t thrown it out yet because maybe Andrew wants it back. I don’t know. A pot of seedlings he left is bravely soldiering on, pale and faded, but living. The one that he apparently cares about the most, his sweetpea plant, is dead and its ghostly leaves haunt my dreams. I haven’t told him about this yet because I know that he will be even more despondent than I. I cannot bear that thought.

Rachel has a plant that I’ve always been scared of. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s huge and the stems are translucent, which is the main reason why I don’t trust it. (I think even googly eyes wouldn’t help.) Last week it mysteriously dropped ALL of its leaves, which makes it even more terrifying. It has dropped every effort to appear friendly. I try to avoid sitting with my back to it.

I don’t understand – how can plants hate me when I love them so?

You know what would be hilarious to watch? A Tyrannosaurus rex doing pushups.

"I have a big head and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through."

Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope everyone’s fingers and eyeballs survived the festivities. I got to go up to Kansas for the weekend. It was a packed house – my roommate Rachel went with me, and Frances was in town from Chicago with her roommate Megan. There was an abundance of delicious food, and I got to spend a lot of time with old high school friends from the foggy past. There was a magnificent party on Sunday evening and some of the guests brought a cannon! It was amazing. Whenever I tell people this, a common concern is whether cannonballs were involved. Nope, just gunpowder. I got to light the fuse one time, and  sang the Indiana Jones theme song to myself.

I bought a big bag of cherries this afternoon and have eaten about half of it I believe. SO DELICIOUS. Other happenings include: dozing on a park bench in the rain (I meant to read, but ended up using my book as a pillow), going on long walks, investigating recipes for Bombe Alaska, watching bits of German movies with Rachel (Milena sent her a few in the mail), playing with Play-Doh (that spelling looks stupid, but I promise it’s how it’s spelled on the can), shopping for pepper grinders, listening to good banjo music, teasing a friend who has recently taken up shuffleboard (and secretly studying up on strategy in case I get challenged to a match), watching the World Cup, reading a lot, and giving some thought to Kiribati phonology. Oh yes, also going to work.

Currently I’m pining away for this hammock. It is made out of parachute material so it’s breezy and cool! PLUS it folds up to the size of a grapefruit. So I could take it with me everywhere I go and whip it out if I get tired of walking. I am mildly obsessed with the thought of this and intend to buy it the first second I don’t feel poor.

I would use that everyday. Look how happy he is! THE POWER OF LEVITATION CAN BE YOURS.