My life has been so musical lately! It’s refreshing. I found some pianos at the dorms that I’ve been playing, and when I was there on Sunday, a fellow I don’t know came over and gave me some pointers. For about an hour. Yesterday, my friend Maggie, who is a Music Composition major, took me to play the organ in Catlett Hall, which was great! Swell! Positive! (Haha! Organ pun.) I haven’t played an organ in a while, and I miss it a lot. Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence. Also, Maggie and I agree that the OU organ department needs a falcon. Maybe someday this dream can become a reality. In other musical news, my project for this evening is to learn a song on the banjo.

Summer is nice. I’m enjoying the slow pace – mostly I’m reading extensively and making frequent runs to various libraries, going on walks with friends, cooking and eating with friends, watching movies with friends, painting fences, eating cherries, looking for buried treasure, etc. On Sunday night some friends invited me to a “game night,” and when I got there, they were all sitting on the sofa in the dark, talking, and someone was playing the banjo. I wish every social gathering could be like that. In short: nothing thrilling is happening and I looove it.

At the ISS office we got a new air freshener that perches atop a cabinet and puffs out fragrance every 36 minutes. She reminds me of the white robot from Wall-E, and we call her Clarisse. I’ve been trying to get everyone in the office to say, “Gesundheit, Clarisse” every time it puffs, but so far I’m the only one who thinks this is funny. (And only gets funnier, every 36 minutes.)