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I enrolled for next semester! I’m taking Hebrew Bible as Literature, Topics in Hebrew Grammar, Freedom in Rome, and Historical Jesus. It looks like it will be a very biblical semester, which was unintentional but can only be a good thing.

I heard last weekend was Halloween? I didn’t dress up, but the day after Halloween, I thought of a good costume for next year: a backpack. I’ll just get someone to give me a piggyback ride.

On Saturday, which was also Crazy Game Day On Which Everyone Is Insane, a drunk guy yelled at me that I was “sneaky like a ninja.” Which was totally unmerited. However, I was flattered. It is the nicest thing anyone has ever drunkenly yelled at me.

Excitement of the day: I lost my keys and the sweet Taiwanese lady who lives downstairs found them in the marching band field. Out of the vast number of Kraettlians (or marching band hooligans, I suppose) who could have found my keys, I am very grateful it was her.

I need to stop doing irresponsible things like that; it’s almost time to be a grownup.

On another note, this brightened my day: