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Apparently a few people still check this blog everyday! I feel bad about this, since my posting has been subpar lately. Thanks for not giving up on me, guys. (Although to be honest, maybe you should consider it.)

I graduated a few weeks ago, which is exciting! I’m done being a student, after sixteen years of knowing no other life.

What is next? Ugghghhg everyone is asking me that. And my answer is this:

  • This summer I am continuing to work at the international student office at OU. I love this job and it’s in the field I’m interested in, so it’s a sweet setup.
  • I’m applying for grown-up jobs. What kind of job can you even get with a linguistics degree?? Glad you asked! I think I could teach ESL, work for the CIA (oooh!), or something along those lines. But my passion is international students, and I’m hoping to get a job at some university, maybe as an international student advisor.
  • That’s all I know.

Now that we all know exactly the same amount of information about my future, I will tell you the other things that are happening.

I have moved out of Kraettli! This is sad because:

  • I lived in the same apartment for 3 years and it felt like a home.
  • I had the same roommate for 3 year and she felt like a sister. (On a very happy note, she is studying abroad in Austria all next year! Glückwunsch an Rachel, ja?!)
  • The people in Kraettli are marvelous. Before we left, the Armenian family next door had us over for a tasty dinner. I’ll miss all the Kraettlians.
After finals ended, I went to Florida with friends from the campus ministry I go to, RUF. It was glorious! Lots of quality time with the beach and people.

A few of us drove back to Norman by way of Tuscaloosa to help our friends there clean up from the tornado. It was hard work but quite fun, and everyone was so very hospitable.

Now I’m living in a house near campus, working working working. A house?! Is it nice? Yes! It has a giant kitchen and a big front porch and lots of windows. It has other important attributes, but those are the pertinent ones. It’s also got friends living inside it. Last night during the tornado scare, we hunkered down in our creepy basement with a guitar, a gerbil, and a bottle of port. Ahh memories.

You are now pretty much caught up. I hope your summer is off to a splendid start! Mine is.