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The other night I had a terrible dream. Here is the Sparknotes version: Chinese dignitaries were staying in my family’s house and they happened to watch a Youtube video where my friend Annie lit a banana on fire like a candle. They thought it looked pretty cool, so naturally they had to try it, and they burned down the house, killing my dad and a little old lady! It was awful. I cried myself awake, and then typed up a full synopsis (which I cannot bring myself to post here, as it is too depressing). When I called Dad later on that morning to make sure he had not actually been killed in a freak banana fire, he did not answer. The terror! Actually by that point I’m pretty sure I thought it was funny. And I did get to talk to him later, no worries. He even gave me a way to turn bananas into hallucinogens, which is probably a parenting no-no.

Last night I went to Taiwanese Culture Night, which was both fun and enlightening. They had some carnival-type games, and I won a prize at the ring toss (depth perception WIN). There was a presentation which included a kung fu dance with shiny golden fans. I want to learn kung fu. They even fed us dinner! Sigh. It was SO DELICIOUS.

I sat next to one of my friends who is a Chinese student getting his master’s in political science. He provided a running commentary on the political history behind the decorations and costumes, which was quite helpful. Somehow we ended up discussing Jesus, sin, prayer, the gospel, etc. He had a lot of really good questions, and knows more about the New Testament than a lot of Christians do! This conversation lasted through the dance performances (I know, how rude), through the dinner line and then dinner, and then he went to RUF (the campus ministry I go to) with me and we continued our discussion. He has a deep respect for Christianity and faith in general because his grandparents were Christians and seems to be very hungry for truth. Please be praying that his heart would be opened and that he would understand the love and grace of the gospel and the hope that comes from that!

On a completely unrelated note: this website is entertaining if you’ve ever thought it would be fun to control a solar system. You can pick how many planets and moons you want and mess with their orbits, then start it rolling. Mine keep crashing into each other spectacularly or hurtling off into the depths of space, which is one of many reasons why I am not God. See if you can get a binary star system to work, mine keep ending in almost immediate explosion.


This morning I found a note on my bedside table that said this:

“Let’s talk

about spaceships

space’s hip

humpty dumpt”

It was in my handwriting, so I can only assume I wrote it in my sleep. To me, the hilarious part is that it sounds like something I would write when I’m fully awake and coherent. And I was thinking about Humpty Dumpty yesterday. Where in that poem does it say he’s an egg?? Nowhere.

Nothing new and exciting is currently going on my life (which is awesome) so here is some reading material for you if you’re interested. It’s another dream I found typed up on my computer, from May of my freshman year. It’s pretty long (believe it or not, I edited it), so I divided it up into chapters.

Chapter I – In which I watch an episode of The Office and the characters deal with eerie household pests

I was watching The Office, and the episode didn’t take place in an actual office. It took place in a big house that Pam and two of the other ladies lived in together. They got up one morning and Pam saw these cockroaches everywhere, that blended in with their surroundings so well you could hardly see them. By the time the exterminater got there, the cockroaches were gone, and nobody really believed Pam that they had been there. Then one of the other ladies looked out the window and saw a rat with a braided tail run across the yard to a group of people dressed in hunting outfits. I had the feeling that maybe the rat had eaten the cockroaches. Somebody said that maybe everyone would have believed Pam if we had known what was about to happen. I wondered what was about to happen; it sounded very ominous.

Chapter II – In which a doppelganger family comes to take my grandma after crucial pieces of her bedroom are sold online

It was nighttime, and I saw my grandma (she looked like the grandma in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) going up to her room. I followed her. When we got to her room, the ceiling and the floor were gone, and you could see the stars. My grandma was mad that my mom had sold such crucial elements of her room on Ebay. She climbed out the window, which scared me, so I went after her. When she got to the bottom, we were in a courtyard. A little black boy wearing a plaid shirt suddenly ran across the courtyard, chased by a big dog, and he climbed up the way we had just come down, and disappeared into my grandma’s room. The instant he went in the window, an identical boy came running out of another door, chased by an identical dog. They both ran out of the courtyard. Then a line of people started coming in. It was a big family, which looked identical to mine. They were all carrying towels and clothes on hangers. The rest of my family came out into the courtyard, and our two families talked for a while, and my family was very surprised that this other identical family existed. The only difference was that they didn’t have a grandma and wanted ours. Everyone in the other family was holding a TV which started playing their favorite movie. Two members of the other family had Sleeping Beauty playing, and I told them that was my favorite movie too. I thought this had something to do with the disappearing cockroaches and the rat. I was the only one in my family who didn’t want to give away our grandma, but the other family was so sad, and I realized that my grandma wanted to go with them because her room with us didn’t have a floor or a roof. So I finally agreed to let her go with them.

Chapter III – A dweam wiffin a dweam

I dreamed in cartoon about two fish and a mass of bubbles. I was one of the fish, and I shot out my tongue and caught a fly. Then the mass of bubbles ate both of the fish. I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Chapter IV – In which I order a sub sandwich

The next morning I was talking with Mom about how wierd The Office had been, and she said that she had sold the floor and ceiling to our grandma’s room on Ebay because she was never home. I was trying to arrange my clothes and towels on a single hanger so it would look like how the people in the other family had their clothes. Then I went to a restaurant to meet Katie Baker and her friends for lunch, but nobody would let me look at a menu. After they ordered their food, I got up from the table and walked around. My brother was there, and he and I told a friend how weird it had been to meet another family that looked just like us. I went up to the counter to order, and since I didn’t know what was on the menu, the lady behind the counter recommended the sub sandwich because it came with a camcorder. I ordered that. While I was standing at the counter waiting for my food, I looked at the other people near the counter. There was a group of four blonde girls who I could tell weren’t related, but they were all extremely short. The tallest was under 3 feet. One of them was sitting or standing in a basket that went up to her neck. There was a girl crouching on the counter who had a little tail, and really short, fine white fur. A lady behind us yelled at everyone not to stare at the girl with the tail. I went back to Katie’s table and told them what I had ordered.

I found a folder on my computer where I saved some dreams that I typed up back when I could still remember them. Here’s one from March.

I come back from visiting Frances and realize I left my phone charger in her apartment. This makes me pretty sad, but I soon find that the consequences are more dire than I originally imagined. My family is watching the news when I walk by, and it is showing a space shuttle crashing into a city. I gasp and am deeply upset, and my family tells me that that wasn’t actual footage, it’s just what will happen if I don’t charge my phone. I also find this distressing. If it’s so important for me to charge my phone, why can’t the government get me a new charger? Why do I have to wait for Frances to make the 13 hour trip down from Chicago? While we are all hanging out in the rec room, President Obama comes in from the laundry room. Apparently there is a secret tunnel that comes straight from the White House to our basement, and he likes to hang out with us. This does not surprise anyone in my family, including me. I guess it has happened before, and I have a vague memory that last time he brought the first lady. He watches tv with us for a while and is pretty chatty. Later he comes upstairs to continue talking with Mom and me. Mom asks him, if he saw our family in public, would he pretend not to know us? The way he skillfully avoids answering the question implies that he would indeed treat us like crap and he knows it. This is awkward. I ask him if it takes him a long time to get through the tunnel to our house from Washington, since it would probably take at least a day to drive. He answers that it’s about a five hour walk, and I marvel at that fact. Somewhere in the course of our conversation, he brings up Airforce One and mentions that Anthony Plopper and Tim Graf are the skipper and first mate.